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Running in the Rain

Thursday, June 19th, 2008


Running in the rain is one of life’s simple pleasures.


Nicole, Di, and I had a lovely run in the rain this morning at GT Bray. Luckily, it was a light rain; the heavy rain and lightning had passed. It was an interesting run around GT Bray and then along 59th and 51st Streets. There was much puddle dodging until we reached that one massive puddle we could not go around, so we cruised right through. After that, I think our shoes weighed about 5 pounds each. Then Nicole and Di were seeking out every puddle along the way (especially Di). I still tried to avoid them when I could. =) [avoid the puddles, not Nicole & Di]


I have to say that this was one of the most enjoyable runs I have had in several weeks. I have always loved to run in the rain. Today the rain kept the hot sun away, humidity was not bad at all, and of course the rain drops kept us pretty cool. 6 miles total.


It might be kind of silly, but I have a smile on my face just thinking about our nice rainy run this morning.


I think running in the rain gives you a whole different perspective. The rain makes it more enjoyable and certainly more comfortable in the Florida heat and humidity. Example: Tuesday night’s run downtown and over the bridge – what a scorcher!


Anyway, I encourage each of you to run in the rain. As long as there’s no lightning, go for it! You WILL enjoy it. Oh, and if you wear contacts, please remember to wear a hat when you run in the rain. That will help keep the rain off your face and out of your eyes.



Run long this summer!     =)


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