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Monday, July 23rd, 2012

With smart phones, email, text messaging, facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, Words with Friends, Tiny Village, blogging, and all those other ways to be connected to everyone in our lives, how do we disconnect? I have really been struggling with this lately. But if I do take a day off from technology, it is a double edged sword, I feel both refreshed from the break but also overwhelmed by all the emails and messages that have piled up. I guess people just expect everyone to check messages and work every day at all times of day.

I think we fall into the trap of feeling like we are going to miss something if we disconnect for a day or even just a few hours. I know I do sometimes and I am sure I am not alone. Social media is an addiction.

Some of my favorite, stress free hours were during my four and five hour ultra training runs back in April and May. I was out at a park running trails by myself totally disconnected with only my thoughts and my Garmin to record where I have been.

The reality is that we are too busy to have the luxury of four or five hours to ourselves to do whatever makes us happy. But what about devoting an hour a day to ourselves, our health, our physical and mental well being? Whether we use this time to work out, run, get back to nature, or just enjoy some quiet time, I think we need it. Desperately!

I am so used to multi tasking that when I sit down to watch television, I feel the urge to be doing something else like checking email or facebook, playing Words with Friends, eating, folding laundry, stretching, or foam rolling. I know watching TV is not the best use of my time but there are some great shows that I do really enjoy.

I have made yoga a priority in my training lately. My goal is two yoga or bodyflow classes per week. I am hoping the inward focus, breathing, and added flexibility will help my running and help me relax more.

Happy Disconnecting!   :)


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