Upper Body Strengthening:

1. 15x pushups - Works arms, shoulders, back, and chest.

2. 15x chest fly - Wrap the ends of an exercise/resistance band around each hand. Hold the band at chest level, with elbows slightly bent and at shoulder level. Keeping elbows bent, pull arms out to sides until the band becomes taut, then release. Works chest and shoulders.

3. 15x dips - Sit on a bench/bed/sturdy chair, hands at sides. Slide butt off and bend elbows to lower body. Push back up. Works triceps.

4. 15x biceps curl - Using a 3 to 10 pound weight (or something of equal weight), start with arm down by side. Bending at the elbow, raise hand up to shoulder, slowly release down. 15x each arm. Works biceps.
biceps curl

5. 15x shoulder press - Standing, hold a 3 to 10 pound weight in each hand. Bend elbows at right angles and raise upper arms to shoulder height so weights are at ear level. Push weights overhead; lower back to ear level. Works shoulders and upper back.

shoulder press shoulder press

6. 15x triceps kickback - Place left knee and left hand on bench/bed/sturdy chair. With back flat, hold a 3 to 10 pound weight in right hand. Bend right elbow and lift weight to shoulder level then lower. 15x each arm. Works triceps.

7. 15x one arm rowing - Using the same weight as in # 6, place left knee and left hand on bench. Hang arm straight down and keep back flat, then pull the weight straight up to the side of your chest, keeping your arm in close. Slowly lower down. 15x each arm. Works upper and lower lats - strengthens upper/mid back.

one arm row - hang down one arm row - pull up

8. 15x deltoid raise - Hold the same weight as in # 7 in each hand and bend over, keeping back straight (if it is more comfortable, rest your forehead on the back of a sofa, chair, bench, etc. for support). Lock the elbows and keeping arms straight, lift weights straight out to sides. With arms out by sides, hold for a second, squeeze shoulder blades together and down, then slowly lower weights. Do not swing weights - slow and controlled movements. Works rear deltoids and midback.

9. 15x wrist/hand strenthener - Keeping wrist straight (in line with lower arm), squeeze a stress ball or other wrist/hand strengthener. 15x each hand. Works fingers, hand, wrist, forearm.

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