What is Sports Massage?

by Amanda Del Castillo, LMT

Sports Massage is primarily for the serious athlete who trains continuously. The focus is on the muscles relevant to the particular athletic activity. Sports Massage utilizes specific massage techniques to assist athletes during performance, both in training and competition.

Benefits Include:
* improved circulation
* improved muscle tonus
* more flexible joints
* reduced risk of injury
* enhanced performance
* decreased muscle soreness

Types of Sports Massage:

Pre-Event: Warms up muscles and tendons through the use of invigorating techniques in preparation for intensive use. Ideally used immediately prior to starting the event, pre-event work also gives athletes the chance to prepare mentally for maximal performance. A typical session is 10-15 minutes duration.

Post-Event: After cooling down, post event massage can help to relax tight muscles, relieve cramping and reduce recovery time. Decreased muscle soreness is an added benefit! A 15-30 minute session is typical.

Training Massage: Used regularly during training, sports conditioning massage can improve flexibility as well as take care of muscle problems before they impair performance. Sports Massage helps to prevent injury and reduce recovery time from many sports related injuries.

Amanda Del Castillo is a licensed massage therapist specializing in neuromuscular and sports massage in Florida. To learn more about how massage can help enhance your performance and reduce injuries, contact us.

Sports Massage

Pre-Race Massage: Massage is an important part of serious training and can do wonders for sore muscles a week before a big race, such as a marathon. Be sure to consult a certified massage therapist since they are familiar with working on runners and should know the difference between a pre-race massage, which is done lightly to get your blood flowing, and a post-race massage, which is much deeper. A pre-race massage should be done five to six days before the race.

Post-Race Massage: The day after a race, even a marathon, walk for a few minutes, then jog very easily for one or two miles. Gently stretch after your jog and try to have your post-race massage right after your run when muscles are warm and blood is flowing. This will jump start your recovery.

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